“Grundon’s new Circular Technology Park will champion emerging recycling and recovery technologies, as we move from a world of waste to a circular economy where all wastes are viewed as resources.

Over the past 85 years, Grundon have pioneered many waste services that are common place today, including the ‘Wheelie Bin’, ‘skip’, ‘Front End Loader’, and ‘Roll On Off’. In the 1990s, we revolutionised the collection and recovery of medical waste, building one of the first purpose-built high temperature incinerators with steam recovery. On the advent of the landfill tax, we invested over 30 million pounds in the first generation of Material Recovery Plants, and today Grundon remains at the vanguard of new and emerging waste recycling and recovery technologies.”

Neil Grundon, Deputy Chairman

Grundon Waste Management is the UK's largest family owned waste management company and is one of the leading suppliers of integrated waste management solutions.

Embracing the future of waste management Grundon is committed to recycling and recovery and is a firm believer that the future lies in using waste as a resource – whether that be through recycled goods or generating electricity and heat.

Grundon is progressing with proposals for this site in Ford which would provide a Circular Technology Park, embracing these guiding principles and helping West Sussex achieve its no waste to landfill by 2030 target.

Grundon’s planning application for the development of a new waste management facility at the Circular Technology Park has now been registered by West Sussex County Council with the planning reference WSCC/096/13/F. The application can be viewed in its entirety here and the application’s Non-Technical Summary remains available for download from our media section.

For more information on Grundon please visit our website www.grundon.com

Grundon Waste lorry